Samuel Anderson
Samuel Anderson, Conservative Republican for State Senate

Ask yourself — do you want a “Republican” who will go to Sacramento to “support…expanded local authority to raise taxes and fees locally”? These exact words are Lodi City Councilman Alan Nakanishi’s written promise to the big-government League of California Cities.
See Nakanishi’s March 29, 2016 signed pledge.

Ask yourself — do you want a “Republican” who, in the face of bureaucrats and unions pushing for a big local tax hike, says, “As a citizen, I would vote yes, but now is not the time to tax” — in a year when he is trying to appeal to conservative voters? So “Citizen” Alan Nakanishi would vote to raise taxes, but “Candidate” Alan Nakanishi won’t, at least “not now”?
Source: Alan Nakanishi’s comments in Lodi News-Sentinel, March 2, 2016.

Finally, ask yourself — do you want a “Republican” who squirms under pressure from big-government forces, who would vote to give greater power to your city and your county “to raise taxes and fees” on you, your home, and your business — but will say one thing and do another this election year when his name is on the ballot? Alan Nakanishi spoke favorably of the Lodi tax hike proposal, publicly saying, “I would like to do all this — we can’t afford it. I won’t put my name into a tax that I don’t want to do right now.” But Mr. Nakanishi, beyond your calculated election-year position, you think raising taxes on every individual, family, and business owner later is okay?
Source: Alan Nakanishi’s comments in Lodi News-Sentinel, May 3, 2016.

In contrast to Nakanishi, reliable pro-family conservative Samuel Anderson will unapologetically protect families, jobs, small businesses, and the economy by opposing any and all hikes to taxes, fees, and assessments.

Totally opposite to Nakanishi’s promise to make it easier for cities and counties “to raise taxes and fees,” constitutional conservative Samuel Anderson has pledged in writing that he will OPPOSE “expanded local authority to raise taxes and fees locally.” Take that, big government!

See Samuel Anderson’s written promise to oppose higher taxes and fees (April 22, 2016).

My_Pledge_to_YouAnd here’s Samuel Anderson’s additional solemn promise to you, the voter, to protect your money, your family, your future:

“You’ve heard these, haven’t you? ‘There are only two things certain in life: death and taxes’; ‘Taxes are a necessary evil.’ But have you heard ‘The power to tax is the power to destroy’? It’s true that much-too-high taxes, fees, and assessments, along with a choke-hold of bureaucratic regulations, are raising prices, hurting families, killing jobs, closing businesses, hurting our economy, and causing hard-working people to leave California. To protect your purse or wallet, I will oppose all new taxes, fees, and assessments, as well as burdensome regulations, and will seek to lower or repeal these wherever possible.”

Get to know Samuel Anderson, a strong conservative who wants to be your State Senator so he can defend you from corrupt government.