Waterboard Member Alan Nakanishi Loves Water

City Councilman Alan Nakanishi loves to use lots of water in a drought.
City Councilman Alan Nakanishi loves to use lots of water in a drought.

Lodi City Councilman and former state Assemblyman Alan Nakanishi ranked third countywide, at 1,309 gallons per day. Nakanishi and his wife are the sole occupants of their home, but they consumed as much water as nine average Lodi residents. California residents were ordered to use less; and those who abused their allotted amount were warned, fined, and ultimately had their water limited by force, including full termination. Not Alan Nakanishi; Cal Water didn’t even do a thing about it. How come? Could it be because of being a Lodi Council member and member of the water board? You be the judge.

Nakanishi said he was “kind of disturbed” that his water use information was made public. The law requires it, for many elected officials, upon request. But Nakanishi said even elected officials’ records should not be divulged.
“That’s why people don’t run for office,” he said.

He said he worried that he might be depicted as not being a good citizen. “And I am,” Nakanishi said. “It hurts to be sought out and say, ‘Hey you guys are using too much water and you are bad citizens.’ It makes a person feel rejected.”

Nakanishi said he has been “very judicious” in his water use, adding that he has a big lawn and many fruit trees on his 1/3-acre property. His grandchildren visit often, he said, and he hosts parties in his backyard. Ultimately, he acknowledged, “I’ve got to do better.”


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