Veterans Deserve Our Best

I will ensure our veterans get their share
I will ensure our veterans get their help.

As a veteran myself; I have seen firsthand the devastation and poorly run Veteran’s Administration that has cost us dearly. The VA treats the government workers much better than the veterans they are supposed to serve. I remember having to get some treatment and was told that I was not in the right place to get the treatment; OK, fine! Where do I go? I was told, “I don’t know, but it’s not here!” Question and answer time was over. I could not get any answers whatsoever! This is unacceptable. Inside corruption and poorly run management has cost lives and has cost the nation billions of dollars in waste and fraud. This cannot happen any longer.

What I do see happening in California is the legislator attempting to pass laws that will provide medical coverage for criminal aliens and their families; protecting the illegal immigration and their families; while NEGLECTING the United States citizen who needs it most, and who ultimately pays for it. We have to stop this madness and provide help for our veterans and their families while placing American citizens first, not illegal immigrants. I will continue to ensure that my place in the California Senate will be used to coordinate with all agencies and organizations that will increase and benefit our veterans across the state, including supporting the better plan that has been put forward by Donald Trump to take care of our veterans. California should be the model state for our veterans.

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