The RNC Is A Scam Machine

RNC Cash Scam from DC
RNC Cash Scam from DC

I went outside to open my mail box to find a letter inside of it that shocked me. It appeared to be a very official looking letter and on the front of it I find it to say in bright RED letters all in BOLD CAPS: “NOTICE OF DELINQUENCY.”

I hurried to open it up and find out it is a solicitation letter from the Republican National Committee (RNC), not asking me, but ORDERING me to send to them a donation. Yes, an order! What nerve they have! In fact, they circled the donation portion of it in red telling me that I am “PAST DUE.”

The fact is, the RNC is running out of money and they are losing a battle with the people. They are desperate and from Washington straight down to the county level; they will protect their own favorites and in the message was written this, “Your first choice may not win the Nomination, but all of our Republican candidates support…” You get the message, it’s basically supporting the RNC’s decision to steal the rightful nomination from most likely to win the most votes. This is corruption and I won’t stand for it; and neither will the people of this country. Majority wins. It’s time to kick the bums out and end this status-quo crony candidates that have been nothing but losers for our country and our individual states. We need new blood that is educated, experienced, and dedicated to our values and Constitutions. I have attached photos of the letter sent from the RNC.



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