The Removal Wave Of GOP Crony’s Must Continue

The politicians continue to lie and never listen.
The politicians continue to lie and never listen.

The American people have spoken and yet we still hear rhetoric from the establishment GOP politicians. Trump did not “inherit” the GOP party as Speaker Ryan says. Trump won the party. This typical Washington insider politician continues to ignore the people’s voice of what we have just accomplished. People are mad as hell that ALL politicians on both sides of the spectrum have not listened to the people, have destroyed this country, and are standing up saying, “enough is enough.”

The GOP RNC chairman attempted to encourage Donald Trump run as a Third Party candidate so he would leave the party; that failed. Then, the RNC required Donald Trump sign a pledge with the RNC, but the RNC broke their end of the contract. If you remember, this contract demanded loyalty and for him to support the winning candidate prior to Cleveland or at the convention. Now, the establishment has turned again by not supporting the winning candidate, by not endorsing the candidate, and by not uniting the party. Don’t blame Trump for disunity; blame the people because YOU’RE the one’s who are not united with us (people).

Speaker Ryan has joined the losing train of former Bush’s, Romney, and other political lightweights, hasbeens, and losers, who have enjoyed the free ride of freebies over the years from the establishment; they know this ride is coming to an end quickly. Does Speaker Ryan remember what happened to his friend Eric Cantor, House Majority Whip? The same will happen to him. It’s time to continue this house cleaning and not stop because it has clearly is working. I would rather have Speaker Boehner back in office than deal with Ryan. Speaker Ryan clearly demonstrates an immaturity that lacks any real world experience and only is experienced with what he is told to do by his string-pulling owners and not the voters. In the meantime, California Republicans are still mad and the Cruz camp has not given up. More to come on that later.

California, we have had enough of those in office who do not have our best in front of them. Our senator has been absent from work; absent from the district; has done nothing to bring jobs to our valley and state; and has allowed for terrible laws to pass that have caused businesses to leave the state and/or just shut down. The same happened in 2002-2008 when Alan Nakanishi was in office; these laws passed the California Assembly, and now he wants to bring back jobs to this state? How? Not without a fight. He cannot stand up and fight against this legislator. He does not have the stamina at 80 years old. Being a senior citizen is a great thing; but it’s time to leave the business to those who can actually put the time in physically. It’s also time to not vote in any professional politicians. I will fight for all of us and stand up against the Sacramento Bullies. Please vote on June 7th.



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