Samuel Anderson position statement on the Right to Life

Who will speak and fight for the right to life for every innocent human being created in the image of God? Samuel Anderson will, because it’s a simple matter of loving our neighbor as ourselves.

baby_in_mothers_wombWhen does human life begin? We know that we were all born; we all were conceived from “something” from our father and “something” from our mother; and we became a distinct, growing human being with our own personality, blood type, and even gender. On our first day of conception, 23 chromosomes from each parent joined to form every detail of our human development: sex, hair, eye color, height, skin tone, personality, emotional makeup, and other inherited characteristics. At 3 weeks, we had a beating heart. At 6 weeks, brainwaves. At 8 weeks, we had everything found in a fully developed adult, only miniaturized. At 9 weeks, we could feel pain. At 14 weeks, you and I received unique fingerprints.

This miracle of conception and the 9 months of scheduled, steady growth of human beings in the womb is chronicled in ancient literature including the Bible and is scientifically evidenced by photographs and other data collected from babies in the womb. And our United States Declaration of Independence recognizes that each one of us is endowed by our Creator with the unalienable Right to Life (or we don’t have any rights at all). Everybody should be pro-life and value babies from conception onward. It’s a matter of loving our neighbor as ourselves. Because we were all in the womb once.

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