Official Press Release of Candidacy


Republican Candidate for District 5

STOCKTON, March 15, 2016—Samuel Anderson, a Stockton resident and member of the Republican Party has announced he is running for California Senate District 5.

“I am running in this election for the purpose of providing a voice of change from the status quo. Politics as we know it has failed us; previous politicians have failed us; corruption is rampant and the only agriculture the establishment knows how to pick are cronies.”

Samuel’s message is simple, “Let’s make California great again by doing the following.”

  • Save our Water; Save the Delta – No Tunnels
  • Remove bad laws that caused businesses to leave California
  • Retirement reform for all Californian’s (Civilian – CA Retirement Pension Accounts)
  • Stop bad budgets
  • Increase the needs of our public safety
  • Increase our education in the Valley

This is not the first that Samuel has ran for political office. When living in Manteca he sought the office of city council and grabbed the attention of Manteca residents with his door-to-door campaigning to get his message out.

“I want people to know there is someone who actually has the energy and stamina to go the distance against the Democratic incumbent. I have the business experience and the education to go with it. I have invested in my life and intend to use it to help others.”

Samuel Anderson is also endorsed by former California Assemblyman and retired Lt. of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, Larry Bowler.

The official campaign website is: and an official Facebook page. “I encourage people to go to the website and see what I have to offer. I’m not an old outdated politician who is seeking a retirement for four years or more. We need someone with the capability to stand up and fight for our rights, and our future.”


About Samuel Anderson—Samuel is a business executive with a background in military, law enforcement, business, and education. He has consulted for several FORTUNE 500 companies and startups throughout his career and is an exceptional programmer and architect providing bleeding edge software systems for various entities throughout the world. He is a candidate for his Ph.D. in Higher Education.


Lisa McConnell – Campaign Manager – 872-356-6663


Campaign Number: 775-339-8881

Address: 6507 Pacific Avenue, #171, Stockton, CA 95207