Nakanishi can’t be trusted to oppose higher taxes

‘Nakanishi can’t be trusted to oppose higher taxes’
Samuel Anderson brings out evidence at Stockton forum today

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State Senate hopeful Alan Nakanishi was publicly outed today for his backhanded support of local tax and fee increases at a Republican forum in Stockton.

Republican rival Samuel Anderson told a crowd at the Stockton Women Republican Club that Nakanishi had signed a pledge to “support…expanded local authority to raise taxes and fees locally” if he’s elected to replace incumbent state senator Cathleen Galgiani, a Democrat, when asked the question about raising taxes and fees.

The pledge was made March 29, 2016 to the League of California Cities and is posted on Anderson’s website,

“Voters hate it when politicians say one thing and do another,” Anderson said. “Nakanishi can’t say he’s against higher taxes and fees when he’s pledged in writing to vote yes on legislation expanding cities’ power ‘to raise taxes and fees locally.’ In contrast to Nakanishi, I’m a reliable tax fighter for families who has pledged to OPPOSE ‘expanded local authority to raise taxes and fees locally.’ For the sake of our livelihood, we absolutely must cut the waste, fraud, and abuse instead.”

“Nakanishi can’t be trusted to oppose higher taxes when he said he would personally vote as a citizen to raise taxes in Lodi.” Anderson said. (On March 2, 2016, the Lodi News-Sentinel reported Nakanishi said, “As a citizen, I would vote yes [if a tax hike were on Lodi’s ballot].”)

“If I lived in Lodi, unlike Nakanishi, I would vote against any and all tax hikes on the ballot and expose tax-hiking city councilmembers as domestic enemies of families, businesses, and the local economy,” Anderson said. “These tax-and-spend politicians are killing people’s prosperity.”

“Way-high taxes, fees, and assessments, along with a choke-hold of bureaucratic regulations, are raising prices, hurting family finances, eating up retirements, killing jobs, closing businesses, hurting our economy, and causing hard-working people to leave California,” Anderson said. “To protect your purse or wallet, I will oppose all new taxes, fees, and assessments, as well as burdensome regulations, and will seek to lower or repeal these wherever possible. I’m declaring war on big government!”

At the close of today’s event in Stockton, most of the attendees said they were already supporting Anderson because of his website, while Nakanishi has no campaign website.


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