Lodi newspaper reports Citizen Nakanishi’s support for higher taxes

in-the-newsI’m glad the Lodi News-Sentinel has reported what I said (printing what they originally reported on March 2, 2016) — that Alan Nakanishi, as a citizen of Lodi, supports a citywide tax hike. “As a citizen, I would vote yes,” the paper reported Nakanishi publicly stating.

My quote (Samuel Anderson’s) in today’s paper: 

“The average public pension is several times more generous than 401(k)-style plans in the private sector. This is upside down and the opposite of being a public servant. This feathering of your own pocket as a government worker must stop. Look at Lodi’s situation. The failure to do wise planning and rein in government expenses has put the city in debt. But voting to raise taxes, as Alan Nakanishi said he would do as a private citizen, is foolish and destructive. What’s putting Lodi citizens in debt? Foolish policies have created the spiraling pension debt crisis. No end in sight.”

See how the truth is getting out? I’m speaking it, and with your support, more people are seeing and hearing it!

But you’ll need to visit my campaign site to see Nakanishi’s pledge to make it easier to raise taxes and fees on you and your family. On March 29, 2016 Nakanishi signed a broad and foolish written pledge to expand your city government’s power “to raise taxes and fees locally” (I am totally opposed to this and have pledged in writing to oppose these kind of tax-and-spend bills in the Legislature).

Obviously, there is only one dependable conservative in this State Senate race, which is why I’m running so hard to defend you, your family, your pocketbook, your values, and your small business. Please encourage your friends to vote for me, Samuel Anderson, on June 7.

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