Democrats attacking your gun rights

Cathleen Galgiani refuses to keep her oath of office. She's not listening!
Cathleen Galgiani refuses to keep her oath of office. She’s not listening!

California is being attacked from within. The state legislators from the Democratic party are leading a full-on assault on our Second Amendment rights and are attempting to weaken our rights while strengthening criminals. The fact of the matter is; Democrats in the California legislature do not care about law-abiding citizens; they only care about their power and giving criminals their way. Democrat politicians stay away from strong laws that would put people in prison for a long time for using a gun in the commission of a crime. Instead, Democrat politicians want to criminalize those who obey the laws and strip you of your guns and ammo.

Some have called liberalism a mental illness, and if so, that explains our increasingly sick country. If children are “developmentally disabled,” we take them out of “regular school.” So whoever’s working at keeping criminals on the streets and making them stronger is failing at basic accuracy because they are “legislatively disabled”! It is time to remove these legislators who consistently fail us; because it is obvious the Democrats in the legislature and professional politicians cannot do things right, or better yet, get it right.

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