Cathleen Galgiani Forces Businesses To Go Robot And Fire Workers

Yes, it’s true! I have stated this before and it’s already happening when you order your meals. You are greeted by a personal kiosk to place your order. That order goes to the backroom where it will be fulfilled; but not for long! Soon, a robot will do a much better job than any human can possibly do. It will cut out literally tens of thousands of jobs in California where the entitlement crowd that demanded a “living wage” wanted small businesses to pay the $15hr wage. My guess is, most will never attain the minimum wage as these jobs will be filled by those with college degrees who can’t get a job anywhere else; so, you better go get that college degree because flipping burgers will be a thing of the past very soon, and competitive job seekers will soon take over those who have no education in their background.

California legislators are unfriendly to businesses and are forcing drastic changing on epic levels where technology will soon rule the day in the industry that is hourly. What kind of jobs will there be in the future? What I do know is, Cathleen Galgiani does not know. I do. It’s time to vote her out of office, and keep the other professional politician from getting into office again. I visited her own town where she supposedly lives; they don’t know her. I visited Lodi where Alan Nakanishi lives and serves on the city council. The people for the most part do not want him in office. I agree. He’s too old and needs to remain retired. He has no ideas.



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