Samuel Anderson’s campaign manager responds to lies published in Modesto Bee

The following is a letter-to-the-editor submitted May 27 to the Modesto Bee by Lisa McConnell, campaign manager for Samuel Anderson’s State Senate campaign:

To Whom it May Concern:

I understand that this is an editorial piece, but it is very one-sided and doesn’t give the full picture. I know a bit about journalism and it seems to me that you are not doing your jobs, nor the service you have been contracted to provide. Running such biased and incorrect material is not only a disservice to the voting population, it shows lack of true journalism.

There are 3 candidates currently running for state Senate. These three are:
Samuel Anderson
Cathleen Galgiani
Alan Nakanishi

Samuel Anderson DOES have a current campaign website for voters to visit. The website is Neither Galgiani nor Nakanishi are operating candidate websites.

Of the three state Senate candidates, to date, only Samuel Anderson has spent money for his campaign. Using Facebook, Google, and other advertising means, Samuel has been able to inform the voting population what he stands for and how he plans to implement the much-needed changes California requires.

At the end of the day, I believe that all US citizens want and need champions who will serve and protect their interests and their rights. Samuel is the ONLY candidate qualified to champion the cause for change.

Both candidates Nakanishi and Galgiani have brought harm to California with their actions. Enough is enough. If not for integrity’s sake, then perhaps for your children and grandchildren you will actively seek to educate your population to allow the good people of California to make the best and most informed choices that can affect their future- and yours.

Campaign Manager, Samuel Anderson for California Senate 2016

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