cropped-Samuel-Anderson-Senate-District-5-Official-Media.jpgMy name is Samuel Anderson.

I have over 30 years’ experience in the workforce.  I have contributed my time in various segments and roles.

I am an executive partner of a software company that designs and creates sophisticated software as a service (SaaS) systems for law enforcement, government, and intelligence agencies, providing specific tools to investigate, track, monitor, record, and share critical information across multiple jurisdictions. My role has been to facilitate the entire process, from conception to implementation, or beginning to end.  I act as a liaison for multiple entities across the globe. I am the Vice President of Operations and I am accountable for all the human resource functions.

I am a United States Marine Corps veteran.  I am an expert in military intelligence, including the intelligence community (IC).  I have spent 6 years in our military, serving our nation.  I am honorably discharged. The experiences as a Marine have lead me to always be ready, be alert, be the best, and be fully committed.

My knowledge is extensive.  My network is broad.  I have high level, top-secret clearance.

My law enforcement background comes from serving as the Group Leader of a cybercrimes group that was created to combine FORTUNE 500 businesses, academia, law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies to share critical information, training, and new technologies across the globe. Membership to this group is very strict. This sharing has increased the capabilities of those involved to combat all areas of needs to include human trafficking, child porn, identity theft, and tracking threats. My role allowed for me to be involved with investigating and capturing those who pose a threat. My knowledge and network in this area is exemplary and high-level. I am also POST Basic Academy certified and hold several other certificates in investigations and management.

My business background involves working as:

An Executive, A Senior Human Resources generalist, Project Manager, Programmer, Title IX Officer, Consultant.

My ability to get things done and work alongside all channels of executive leadership accomplishing the most difficult tasks beyond expectations allowed me to build a strong business and government network of movers in industry.

My ideas and successful implementations of various programs and ideas have been sought after by diverse businesses throughout my career.  These functions have assisted companies with their needs and requirements by contributing to their bottom line as an expert in the field of human resources, project manager, and consultant by being engaged and viewing things “outside-the-box.”

I am an expert in human resources and have developed programs and systems that are still operating today.  Programs involve locating, recruiting, and hiring the best talent for my clients. This includes setting up systems that provide the businesses with cost saving features and well-trained personnel.

I have also taken on the role of Director of Human Resources at various businesses in order to get them into compliance, and/or complete a difficult project others have failed at while finding my replacement for the same position.

Locating and hiring a diverse, qualified, and experienced workforce that contributes to the business overall takes experience and authority to do so. My roles allowed me to slash unwanted areas and strengthen the areas where talented workers played a significant role within the businesses.

Being an HR practitioner requires mandatory training and experience in being able to work with all executives, managers, and personnel where the work environment is a safe and productive place to work.

I am also a Title IX Officer and expert in EEOC, negotiations, contracting, benefits, pensions, payroll, investigations, and much more. I am a certified SPHR (Senior Practitioner of Human Resources) and also hold a certificate of Human Resources Management.

I hold a Management degree from American Military University, and also a Master’s of Science in Human Resources Development from Villanova University. This is the highest degree in human resources one can obtain on a graduate level.

I am an entrepreneur.  I have started and succeeded in owning a private businesses and this includes having had the experience in venture capital. Finding the best and most experienced workforce was vital to the entire component of each incubated business.

Completed Education:

  • University of Liverpool – Candidate for Doctor of Education in Higher Education
  • Villanova University – MS in Human Resource Development
  • MA – Criminal Justice – American Military University
  • BA – Intelligence Studies – American Military University
  • AA – Management – American Military University

Current Education:

  • Johns Hopkins University – Science of Clinical Investigations – Precursor to MHS
  • George Washington University – Master’s in Public Leadership (MPS)
  • St. Andrew’s University – Terrorism Studies/Political Violence, MLitt. Post Graduate.


  • Basic Certificate – The Commission on POST – CA
  • HAZWOPER 40 Hours – OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 – (IACET) – Certification
  • SPHR Certification
  • University of North Dakota – Death Investigations Certification – Individual Certifications – (Basics, Mental Health First-aid, Cultural Competency, Terminology & Diseases, Training, Advanced Topics, Forensic Pathology) POST Certified
  • FEMA Emergency Management Institute – (Incident command system, Emergency manager, Diversity awareness, State Disaster Management, Fundamentals of Emergency Management) Certificates
  • National Fire Academy – Emergency response to terrorism – Certificate
  • FBI Virtual Academy – ISE Core Awareness, N-Dex System Collaboration, Library of National Intelligence, Correctional Intelligence Initiative, Collection Management – Certificates

FBI Virtual Academy
POC Instructor
I have over six years of experience as the point of contact for several police agencies across the country that are under my jurisdiction for training and coaching of law enforcement personnel. This is an appointed position.  I recommend law enforcement leadership to attend the FBI Executive Academy for police executives.

  • Manage the instruction portal assigned to me and the municipal agencies assigned to instruct. Manage all incoming students, assign courses, instruct courses and assist in instruction with other cohort instructors.
  • Ensures that the Virtual Academy curriculum is current to prepare students for the career skills required in their program of study. This includes leading the process by which curriculum is continually developed, evaluated, and revised, with special focus on delivering coursework and programs in blended and online formats.
  • Responsible for providing instructional design expertise and support for the development of online academic courses and specialized educational programs; technology support for the online and blended learning classrooms.
  • Design, create, revise and structure content, activities, and materials for an online and blended format with a focus on instructional delivery methods that are best suited for the learning environment and student experience.
University of Liverpool Doctor of Education - Higher Education CANDIDATE

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